How Data To GA4 Works

How to get data from Shift4Shop to GA diagram

Each time a visitor to your site performs the action listed in the table below, data is collected for the event type and sent to your Google Analytics (GA4) account.

EventData collected when…
View item list A user views a list of products (ie. category page, related items)
View itemA user views a product’s details (ie. product page)
Select itemA user selects a product (i.e. to view product page or quickview)
Add to wish listA user adds a product to their wish list
Add to cartA user adds a product to their cart
View cartA user visits the cart page when cart is populated
Remove from cartA user removes a  product from their cart
Begin checkoutA user starts the first step in checkout process
Add shipping infoA user has added shipping info to cart or checkout
Add payment infoA user has added payment info during checkout
PurchaseAn order has been completed
RefundAn order or partial order has been refunded

Note: The following info will be sent to GA4 for each event if applicable: Product name(s), Product catalog ID(s), Category name, List name, Price(s), Quantity, Currency, Total Value, Order ID, Transaction ID, Shipping cost, and Sales tax