Data to GA4

From: $19.00 / month with a 30-day free trial

  • Tracks 12 ecommerce shopping events with our complete data layer
  • Provides the data necessary for ecommerce reports in GA4 (Google Analytics v4)
  • Uses server-side conversion tracking for greater accuracy
  • Simple GTM setup with automatic integration
  • Save 20% on annual subscriptions

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Use the Data to GA4 app to connect your Shift4Shop store to Google Analytics v4, with all the data necessary for ecommerce reports.

Boost Google Analytics 4
Track ecommerce events by improving your store’s connection to GA4. Data to GA4 tracks 12 different shopping events, allowing you to create detailed conversion funnels and access GA4’s ecommerce reporting. Setup is easy with step-by-step instructions. Toggle on DebugView in your app settings to help test and troubleshoot events in GA4 DebugView.

Setup Google Tag Manager. Fast.
Our data layer, which collects all ecommerce events, will connect to your Google Tag Manager account. The app will instantly deploy this data layer to every page of your store as well as create the tags needed in your own GTM container.

Better data with server-side tracking
Data to GA4 has server-side conversion tracking built in. Server-side tracking improves data accuracy by capturing 100% of your conversion events. This allows you to make better, data-driven marketing decisions.  

Pricing varies based on number of domains and orders/month of your store(s).  Subscribe annually and save 20%.  All plans come with a 30-day free trial, so sign up today and test it out.

Data to GA4 tier pricing chart

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Starter, Business, Enterprise

Domain limit

Starter: 1, — Business: 5, — Enterprise: unlimited

Orders/mo. limit

Starter: 100, — Business: 1500, — Enterprise: 8000


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